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Our message

We started Petmail because we wanted to create a treat service that guarantees smiles all round for both you and your pet. That is why our team carefully take time when picking the treats that go into our little brown boxes and only pick the most natural, healthy, and more importantly tasty treats from a group of our trusted suppliers.

Our Petmail service takes all of the effort out of buying treats and delivers them to you in a environmentally friendly box, letting you save crucial time and money every single week.

The Petmail team are proud to be fellow pet owners. We understand more than anyone that treating your pet and treating them well is a key part to the relationship you have with your pet. We have created Petmail with this directly in mind and promise that these delicious treats will lead to more furry hugs and an endless amount of where-are-my-treats stares.

Our own team use Petmail as a training aid, reward incentive, or best of all as a extra treat on them special nights cuddled up on the sofa.